Wohnrevue, July 2017

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Marie Claire Maison, September 2011

ELLE Decoration, March 2010

Côté Est, March 2015Côté Est, March 2015
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ELLE Decoration, January 2013
ELLE Decoration, Mai 2011ELLE Decoration, May 2011
ELLE Decoration, March 2011
Spectales du Monde, July/August 2010
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Côté Paris, June 2009
Maison Française, spring/summer 2008
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Télérama, June 2007
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Places of Spirit, October 2012Places of Spirit, October/November 2012
Wohnen, March 2012
Schöner Wohnen Decoration, March 2005
ELLE Decoration, June 2002
Charlotte Seeling, Der Garten der Kûnstlerin. 33 Porträts, 2002Charlotte Seeling, Der Garten der Kûnstlerin. 33 Porträts, 2002
Architektur & Wohnen, April 2002

Marie Claire Maison, December 2012Marie Claire Maison, December 2012
Marie Claire Maison, September 2011
Marie Claire Maison, October 2010
ELLE Decoration, October 2009
Brava Casa, June 2004Brava Casa, June 2004

PLUS1Living, January 2016PLUS1Living, January 2016
SENS de MASAKI, April 2015
ELLE Decoration, June 2011
ELLE Decoration, June 2010
Livre Collectif, Atelier de filles, September 2004

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United Kingdom
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